Authorized Travel

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TA Authorized International Travel

TA Travel

1. Student completes TA Form from Accounts Payable Office found here.

2. Student completes the OIP TA Applicaiton and Required Documents

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Completed application contains application packet, proof of insurance coverage abroad, copy of passport, and travel itinerary.

3. Student obtains necessary departmental signatures on TA Form.

After the form has been signed, the student may either bring the TA Form to OIP in person, or the department can send the form to OIP. Confirm travel expense information from the travel website or contact Christine Stuart Tolford at

4. Student submits the completed TA Application and Required Documents and TA Form to OIP - Student Center Suite E110.

5. OIP issues an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) to the student. The fee is $26.

6. OIP signs TA Form.

OIP will review and notify the student of travel and safety precautions if necessary.

7. OIP sends signed TA form to Guggenheim for further signatures. Travel will notify student of final approval.

8. Student departs on their adventure!


TA Form (Accounts Payable & Travel Office Form)

The TA form for the travel office can be found here


TA Application & Required Documents (OIP)

Please complete all forms and submit the applicaiton to our office

1. TA Application

PDF version

Text only version

2. Include a copy of your passport

3. Provide proof of insurance 

a. It is required that this proves coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation benefits while abroad.

4. Include an itinerary 


Title IX Information

For Title IX information and reporting please visit


Device Safety Information

For information and advice on keeping your devices and data safe while traveling click here

PDF version

Text only version


For information regarding individual international travel, click here 



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