Current International Exchange Students

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Current International Exchange Students

Current International Exchange Students

International students make a valuable contribution to the CSM community where they can be found in all fields of study and at all academic levels. Here are some useful resources for you:


For Tax information and more information on CSM's international student organizations:

International student and scholar services office

To see some of our current international students, click here


International Day

Each year, in the fall, the international students of CSM host a dual event, which is unrivaled in our area of Colorado. The International Day is really an afternoon and evening cultural experience one does not easily forget.There is a sampling of cuisine from many countries, such as Paella (Spain), Crepes (France), Chicken Sate (Thailand),Sushi (Japan), Hummus (Saudi Arabia), Mbongo Tchobi (Cameroon), Pondu (Democratic Republic of Congo) and so much more from so many places.

Afterward, in the evening, stay around for some colorful entertainment-music from Mongolia, China or Venezuelan Dances from Austria, Bolivia or India.

The largest event for the international organizations at Colorado School of Mines. The students work hard to make this a truly unique experience for all. A chance to taste and experience the world right here, in Golden, Colorado.

International Day 2016 Date to be decided soon!


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