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Montanuniversitat Leoben, Austria

  Spring 2014, Courtesy of Alyse W. Petroleum Engineering


Left: We had a large group over in Leoben during Spring 2014.  This is most of the group that was there.  It was such a great study abroad experience and it’s so nice coming back to Golden and having friends abroad while also being close with the group that we went over with.  Eric Brown, Kyle Petry, James Sailer, Alexandra Truby, Alyse White, and Collin Leitko.  

Right: This is the entrance to the main building at MU Leoben.  It says, “Gluck auf” above the door; this is the traditional Austrian and German greeting for miners where they wish each other luck.  


Left: Zach and Alyse went to Bratislava, Slovakia with some of their study abroad friends from the university. 

Right: The Grüner See is located about an hour away from Leoben by train and is such an interesting place to visit.  During the winter this area is a park and then the area fills up with spring snow melt to make a lake! 


Left: We participated in the Festival of Nations event in the town square.  It was a great event and a ton of people came out to try the different food.  Alyse and Zach cooked and they made chili and sloppy joes.  

Right: In Leoben, one of our favorite activities was to make dinner with our friends.  It was a great way to hang out and get to know people better.  Here, Alyse, Collin, and Eric are having dinner with Manuel (from Spain), while watching the Olympics.  

This is a view of the Austrian countryside.  


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

     Courtesy of Suchot K. Mechanical Engineering



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Escuela Politecnica de Ingenieria de Gijon, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

     Courtesy of Shae Q. Civil Engineering


Left: "You can go skiing and to the beach in the same day"

Right: "My main group of travel buddies (we were from Mexico, USA, Belgium, Italy, and Germany). We went on a road trip around Gijon to visit the beaches"

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Exeter, UK

     Summer 2014, Courtesy of Marisa L. Environmental Engineering & Sara F. Petroleum Engineering


Left: Marisa in front of Buckingham Palace during the three days spent in London for university orientation

Right: Mines Students (L to R): Brittany B, Marisa L, Haley S, and Sara F visiting Stonehenge in the rain in July 2014


Mines Students Sara F, Haley S, and Marisa L in London in July 2014

University of Exeter students celebrating the completion of their studies with the hillsides of Devon in the background


University of Adelaide, Australia

     Fall 2014, Courtesy of Michelle P. Mechanical Engineering



Left: "Making new friends in Australia!"

Right: National parkour gathering in Melbourne


Clear skies over the iconic Flinders Range

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University of Wollongong, Australia

     Fall 2014, courtesy of Ryan M. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering



Left: "Beach five minutes from University of Wollongong"

Right: "Making friends with native Aborigines at Syden Harbor"


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