Emergency Information

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Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Emergency Phone System:

If you are abroad as an CSM Student or Faculty member and need to report an emergency situation or get emergency assistance,

  •   the 24/7 CAMPUS POLICE number is (001) 303 273-3333
  •   or call the OIP Director at (001) 303 619-5762 (can recieve collect calls)

This is for EMERGENCIES ONLY, where the health/safety of the student is an issue. The first number will connect you with School of Mines police, and the second with a person from the Office of International Programs.

When calling the hotline please follow these steps:

  1. Don't panic
  2. Dial the international access code for the U.S. (Use countrycodes.com if you don't know)*
  3. Dial one of the hotline numbers above
  4. Identify yourself as a CSM student or faculty studying abroad and give the country where you are currently located
  5. State your name
  6. Tell the person what is wrong
  7. Tell the person how to contact you


For Title IX information and reporting please visit http://inside.mines.edu/POGO-Title-IX



* Before you leave, prepare by writing down our emergency contact numbers, and how to dial the number using countrycodes.com.

The safety and well-being of our students participating in official CSM sponsored programs is very important to us. Students receive detailed information about health and safety issues and emergency procedures when they are admitted to a program. Information is included in documents and information given during general and site-specific orientation meetings. If you have a question about maintaining your health and safety while abroad on an OIP-sponsored program, contact the office.

For more information on dangers you may face and how to handle them while abroad, visit our Health and Safety Abroad page


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