Current Students Abroad

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Current Students Abroad

Current Students Abroad

Going abroad is the experience of a lifetime, but that does not mean that every moment is easy.  Every international experience is different.  Mines OIP wants to hear about your amazing adventures, and we also want you to know that we will support you if times get difficult.  We have provided the following pages to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

These pages are to serve as a resource to students that are currently abroad. Once you are abroad, you should:

  1. Register at your host country's American Embassy
  2. Fill out an Emergency Action Plan
  3. Send us postcards to post on our website

For emergency information, click here

Tell us about your adventures! 

Nothing makes us happier than learning about your incredible experience.  Send us postcards about your adventures, and don’t forget to enter your photos in our photo contest!  

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