National Scholarships


OIP facilitates and supports students applying for the following scholarships.  Many of these scholarships require a CSM endorsement.  This means that you must submit your application to OIP at least 2 weeks prior to the scholarship deadlines.  OIP, along with the Faculty Reviewers and the Writing Center will help you prepare a competitive application.

For more information click the scholarship to visit their website, or contact us. Get the additional resources and tips that could help you kick start your application today!

Nationally Competitive Scholarship
Undergraduate Studies    
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship     Jan 30th
Harry S. Truman Scholarship    Feb 3rd


Morris K. Udall Scholarship


Mar 3rd

Mar 4th

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Scholarship

Boren Scholarship                                                                            


Feb 16th
(Fall '15, Aug 14-15th)

Jan 19th

Graduate Studies    
NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes   Jan 12th
Andrew Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies   Sep 29th
David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship   Jan 17th 
Fulbright Graduate Student Program 1 year of study, research, ESL. within 140+ countries Oct 1st, Nov 17th
Gates Cambridge Scholarship 1-4 years at Cambridge  
George Marshall Scholarship 2-3 years at any UK collegeuniversity Sep 15th
George Mitchell Scholarship   Sep 13th
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award   Oct 13th
Inter-American Foundation Fellowships -Brochure    
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship   TBD
Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program   Sept 15h
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation   Mar 16th
Morris K. Udall Scholarship   Feb 16th
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Research Fellowship    
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship    
Rhodes Scholarship   Sep 22nd
Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship       Oct 27th
SOROS   Oct 13th
Robert Bosch Foundation Scholarship   Nov 1st

*All deadline listed is CSM deadline for 2014-2015 academic year, which is earlier than respective scholarship official deadline.

Please note: Some of the links may be broken. If so, Google search, and accept our apologies for the outdated web addresses. If you would like more information regarding any of these awards, please contact Kay Godel Gengenbach ( CSM nomination or endorsement may be needed for most of the scholarship.


Other Scholarship
Study Outside U.S.  
Under The National Security Education Program NSEP
American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowships Grants Study in Scandinavia
DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service Scholarships Research  Opportunities
German Chancellor Scholarships  
German Studies Research Grant  
National Italian American Foundation Scholarships  
Samuel Huntington Public Service Awards  
Study Within U.S.  
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation  
Leopold Schepp Foundation Graduate Scholarships  
Foreign Language/Culture Study  

Critical Language Enhancement Awards (Summer)

Boren (see above)

To study Arabic, Azeri, Bangla/Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Pashto, Urdu, Korean, Russian or Turkish
Critical Language Scholarships To study Arabic, Bangla/Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish or Urdu


Engineering, Mathematics or Science Programs
     (for undergraduates, graduating seniors and recent graduates)

Public Policy, International Affairs and Activism

      - 1-year internship requiring CSM endorsement
      - Campus Deadline: mid-December

      - For Juniors or Seniors
      - Official Deadline: early February

      - Official Deadline between 1 Nov and 1 Mar
      - Programs at Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, US-Berkeley, Michigan, Maryland

Other Useful Sites

      - A leading global resourse for hard-to-find information critical to scientific and other projects across all diciplines

      - List of other Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants


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