Postcards from Students Overseas

Postcards from Students Overseas

Dear K,

Thank you so much for suggesting UCT to me.  I am having such a great time here.  I have went sightseeing, camping, and much more.  I have started a blog with some of my experiences url:  I hope the weather in Colorado isn't too terrible, the weather  here probably hit 100 degrees some days.  I hope to hear from you soon!




Read about the adventures of one of our students in Spain!


      When a Mines student is faced with a research project, his first thought isn't usually to take a quick nap to think things over. Not so in Spain! I was tasked upon arrival with creating a program to gather statistics data from pantograph-caternary line interation simulation files, but was then encouraged to "not work to hard" and told I should read up on the subject by the next meeting...several days away. So it was off through Madrid for me! I visited the Palacio Real, the famous Prado Museum, and the Plaza Mayor which were all within walking distance of ICAI. After doing some programming that week, that weekend took me to Segovia to see the centuries old fortress built on a high bluff that also successfully defended against Napolean during his invasion of the country. The next week I visited the beautiful beaches and museums of Vallencia, followed the next weekend by the king of all Spanish experiences...the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, home to the Running of the Bulls. Of course, this entire time I was learning quite a bit about EU high speed rail systems and creating several programs and subroutines to analyze potential problems resulting from voltage or velocity changes. After 4 weeks of work, I can safely say that my Matlab skills have at least doubled. In any case, whether because I put this trip on my resume and get a job or just spend my time boasting of my skill in running away from bulls, I won't be forgetting this summer abroad for a long time.

- Noah Langford


I'm all set up here in Gandia. It is beautiful here! All the Erasmus students stay in 1 appartment complex that is right on the beach. The university where I'm taking spanish is a 5 minute walk away. I'm really enjoying meeting all the other foreign students and learning Spanish. I already have a flat for Valencia that I'll move into on the 4th of February. My engineering classes start the 6th. Everything is going good, and I'm having a blast!


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